Renovation works

Dworks LTD specialise in creating the highest quality windows. Using the best materials available with a team of fine craftsman you can be sure of a high quality result. Whether it be one of our off the rack options or made to order timber windows you can be assured we’ll deliver great results.

What We Offer

Renovation Works are only done in France

  • Full assessment of your needs to help you choose the best solutions for your building
  • We will work alongside you to design any bespoke building solutions, making sure there’s no complications
  • Supply of our products to match the specific needs of your property and we can offer products that meet specific needs of listed buildings too
  • We not only produce high quality, standard-sized windows, doors and staircases, but also fully bespoke and custom-made pieces
  • Installation of all products you order, whether it’s our windows, doors or bespoke carpentry
  • Full aftercare service that includes checks and inspections on the work carried out to ensure it to our normal standard

Our Renovation Works Services

At Dworks we do not just offer a windows and doors and bespoke joinery service. We can also provide various renovation works support for your project. We have the experience and expertise to help your project get off the ground and will assist you in seeing it through to fruition, regardless how far along you are with things. Even if you are still at the design stages, we can help to advise and finetune your plans and designs to ensure you get the look and feel you want when renovating or refurbishing a room or complete property.

By choosing to us for your full renovation works services as well as our windows and doors, you will have less people to deal with and won’t have to worry about too many subcontractors and contractors coming and going. All of our staff are highly trained, friendly and work to the same standard across our company. So get in contact with us today, we will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our renovation works and will be able to provide you with a completely free, no-obligation quote.

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